Zeffer Energy Services



Zeffer-Energy Services has been in business for 10 yrs, and as the years go on and progress industry turns another face that we must comply by. As we are faced with the every day changes Zeffer-Energy Services will only progress and strive to reach theses goals in order to manage its business safely and productively. Therefore, Zeffer-Energy Services is committed to providing all employees, sub-contractors and contractors the safest and healthiest environment possible. Zeffer-Energy Services is also very protective of the environment and will take any measures to maintain that commitment. Supervisors are responsible for developing proper attitudes toward health and safety in themselves and in those they supervise. The safety supervisor will ensure workers are qualified and properly trained for assigned task. All employees employed by Zeffer-Energy Services are responsible for genuine cooperation. All workers are expected to consider not only their own safety but the safety of co-workers. All workers must know and comply by the rules. The safety policy will be posted, handed out and copy to be maintained in the office.



Addresses all applicable company polices that are to be followed and complied by all employees, visitors, clients, sub-contractors and contractors. (Safety Policy, Environment Policy, Inspection Policy, Substance Abuse Policy, Maintenance Policy, Safety Training Policy, Discipline Policy) Copies are available with on site supervisor, safety supervisor and in the office. Zeffer Energy will ensure that all new and young workers are properly orientated and receive all required training prior to commencing work. All new and young workers will be assigned to a supervisor for further coaching and competency training/evaluations. Safety orientation is mandatory for all personnel on site and is to be completed prior the commencement of work.


Cor Certified ISN